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Say hello to openSUSE 13.1

Posted November 21, 2013

After eight months of announcing their last release 12.3, the openSUSE Project today released openSUSE 13.1 featuring a new Linux kernel, updated packages, and support for new Linux technologies.

The latest release delivers up-to-date cloud technologies, including the latest OpenStack Havana, and shows significant progress with ARM support. Distributed as separate KDE and GNOME editions, the new release clubs the power of the KDE Software Compilation desktop environment and the beauty of the GNOME 3 desktop environment.

“The openSUSE community has again done an amazing job,” said Ralf Flaxa, SUSE vice president of engineering. “There was an incredible final testing and bug-fixing push over community channels the weeks before the release. We at SUSE are proud to be part of such an innovative team of technology enthusiasts.”

With openSUSE 13.1, users will get to experience enhanced Btrfs filesystem, accelerated video with VDPAU support in MESA, and many new video card drivers. In addition, the Linux kernel 3.11 includes critical work on “page reclaim” to further improve system interactivity during disk operations.

This release introduces OpenStack Havana with nearly 400 new features, including the latest LAMP stack. Web developers will benefit from an updated Ruby 2.0 on Rails 4 with improvements from core classes to better caching in the Rails framework. End users can now mount Amazon S3 buckets as local file systems and use much-improved Samba 4.1 with better Windows domains support.

In addition to ARMv7, openSUSE now includes special Raspberry Pi images and a much more complete AArch64 port. Having contributed key ARMv8 technologies such as QEMU user mode support to the ARM ecosystem, openSUSE is making more than 6,000 packages for each of these new architectures available for testing.

The latest version will receive fixes and security updates for an additional 18 months by the openSUSE Evergreen initiative, adding up to a three-year life cycle.

Source: Muktware

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