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Why Electric Cars May Disrupt the Automotive Industry

Posted November 13, 2013

electric-vehicleGreat advances in technology have recently occurred in the car industry. These advances are leading towards increased gas mileage and decreased expenses on that gas. Innovations in hybrids or new electric cars are really starting to impact the car community. The popularity of these vehicles is growing rapidly, and some countries are pretty much converted. For example, if you are in Japan, you will notice that almost every vehicle on the road is a hybrid. The direction the world is going is a definite revolution in the car industry.

Some great benefits accompany the choice to own and drive an electric vehicle, which many individuals have caught onto, and which is greatly motivating the car industry to change its current way of thinking. The first is about saving money at the pump. The claims are true that electric and hybrid cars will save you money in this area.  The electric car, for example, takes no gas at all. In addition, the cost of plugging it in every night is far lower than any price you would pay for gasoline. Think of all the green you would save in your wallet. However, it is important to note that just because you are saving money at the pump, it doesn’t mean you aren’t spending it in other areas. These types of cars require giant fuel cells in the form of batteries, which are currently quite expensive.

Second, you should understand that electric cars still have quite a bit of development left. This means they will continue to improve at great rates.  The idea of electric cars is not new, but the technology that is currently being developed continues to evolve our ideas of how to use electricity. Meanwhile, the gasoline engine has had several modifications and changes, but it seems that it has nearly run its course. With the several advances that are taking place with the electric car, it is likely that the reasons that hinder buyers from purchasing one may be resolved in the near future.

The third thing to know is the fact that electric vehicles use a renewable energy source. Electricity can be gathered anywhere through the sun, wind, water, and other sources. Humanity has developed incredible ways of collecting electricity. Advances in this collection are also continually evolving and improving. This means that while gas prices may rise, electricity will maintain its current cost level or perhaps even drop.

The fact that purchasing an electric vehicle can lead to tax benefits and a reduced environmental footprint also motivates consumers, as these are great perks. Saving money through these cuts and benefits can allow them to spend it in areas that keep them safer, and more responsible, while on the road. They are able to afford better vehicle insurance. They are able to get better coverage through their CTP green slips. They are able to maintain their vehicles better to keep them safe for driving. In short, they are able to afford the things that matter most when on the road.

Currently, the car industry is focused on developing better fuel efficiency in vehicles. However, it may want to quickly shift its focus entirely. It seems that gas-drinking vehicles may soon become a thing of the past. The car industry is starting to catch on to this idea, which will likely disrupt the automotive industry for several years to come.

Incorporating electricity into gas-driven cars has been a fantastic benefit in car development. If the car industry does not intently work to shift its focus towards developing electric engines, it will likely be done by some other source. The benefits of the electric car just seem too good to pass up. This understanding in the car industry may disrupt its usual progress and achievement for a time, but the advances in the electric car and hybrids will likely benefit both consumers and the car industry in the end.

Story by Lindsey Patterson

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