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Freeware application for gestural and voice-based computer control and navigation

Posted October 8, 2013


NPointer 2.0, a new version of a freeware application for gestural and voice-based computer control, has been released by Neurotechnology.


The new version now recognizes voice commands for actions like clicks, scroll and drag. The voice commands can be used together with the gesture-based pointer control or without it.

npointer-hand-on-table-usage[1]NPointer enables using hand gestures and voice commands for controlling PCs or laptops. The application captures hand movements with a webcam and translates them into pointer movements. Voice commands or hand gestures may be used for the actions that are usually performed with a regular mouse or a touchpad: clicks, double-clicks, drags and scrolls. Also, disabled people may use head movements to control the computer.

The NPointer can be used with a regular webcam, which is recommended to be placed on some high object like the computer screen and tilted to look down to the table. A user have to place his/her hand on the surface that is visible to the camera. The application may be also used with the laptop built-in cameras – users just have to show their palm on front of themselves and move the hand to control the pointer.

npointer-open-palm-usage[1]The voice control functionality allows users to record their commands for these actions: left- and right-click, double-click, scroll, drag&drop and disabling the pointer action menu. The same actions may be performed without the spoken commands, but only with hand gestures. The voice commands may be also used without the gestural control – with a regular mouse, trackpad, keyboard etc.

Download NPointer. No installation needed – unzip the archive and launch the executable. Requires at least 1.6 GHz processor and Microsoft Windows XP (or newer version).

Existing NPointer users may use the auto-update to start using the newest version.


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