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Acer to sell touchscreen Chromebooks

Posted October 7, 2013

Google’s Pixel Chromebook is quite popular among users and reputed journalists like Steven Vaughan-Nichols miss no opportunity to flaunt it. One of the two main features of this device was super-high resolution and touch based display. Now Acer is also planning to introduce a touch screen Chromebook.

Fredrik Linnander, a Google Apps certified deployment specialist, posted on his Google+ page:

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to learn more about the C720. I also was allowed to open up the device. It’s not possible to add more ram, or replace battery. there is room for a 3G modem.

AND there will be a touch screen, and 4gb ram options for the C720.

Chromebooks are becoming increasingly popular and 8gig of RAM and touch screen only means that these devices are going to get better and better.

Source: MuktWare

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