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Wacom launches new signature pads to capture biometric profiles

Posted August 29, 2013


Wacom has just launched two new models of its signature pads that it says are optimal for creating legally-binding biometric profiles.

The new models, the STU-530 and STU-430, have 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity that the company says can capture signature pressure profiles during the signing process.

“Businesses that perform customer facing transactions for contracts, consent forms and other critical documents can save time and money by moving to a paperless workflow with Wacom’s electronic signature solutions,” Michael Marcum, vice president of vertical market solutions for Wacom Americas said. “There is a very quick and lasting return on investment in the form of reduced costs for paper, printing supplies, archival storage and document transportation. In addition, customers and employees are liberated through a workflow that is simple, fast, secure and completely natural.”

Behavioral biometrics such as signature pressure profiles are a growing focus for the security and biometrics community .

According to a recent research report on the remote biometrics market, which includes behavioral measures for security, the overall market is forecasted to reach $3.2 billion by 2016, growing at a CAGR of 33%.

Reported previously in, the first signature recognition system was developed in 1965. Dynamic signature recognition research continued in the 1970s focusing on the use of static or geometric characteristics (what the signature looks like) rather than dynamic characteristics (how the signature was made). Interest in dynamic characteristics surged with the availability of better acquisition systems accomplished through the use of touch sensitive technologies. 

In 1977, a patent was awarded for a “personal identification apparatus” that was able to acquire dynamic pressure information.


Source: BiometricUpdate

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