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New Korean Pantech smartphone includes Fingerprint Cards sensor

Posted August 29, 2013


Fingerprint Cards has just announced its first launch into the Korean mobile phone market, with the new Pantech flagship smartphone, the Vega LTE-A IM-A880S.

“The Korean market is one of the most advanced mobile markets. I want to congratulate Pantech for being the first Korean manufacturer to launch an Android smartphone with finger sensors and related security and convenience applications,” Johan Carlström, President and Chief Executive Officer of FPC said. “This launch is another major milestone for FPC and evidence of FPC’s world-leading position as supplier of capacitive fingerprint technology, with highest quality, best image quality and lowest power consumption. We expect multiple launches in Korea and other parts of Asia during the rest of 2013 and beyond.”

Fingerprint Cards has seen massive growth in the Asian market over the past year. Reported last week, the company announced its biggest production order to date – 3.1 million swipe sensors – again, for the Asian mobile market. This order is set to be delivered immediately and will be used for both smartphones and tablets.

“Finger sensors and their associated secure applications are becoming much demanded features on modern smartphones. Pantech will deploy this important feature on several smartphones in the future and we are happy to cooperate with FPC in this deployment,” the leader of the Component Development Team of Pantech said.

Also, Fujitsu and Japanese mobile provider DoCoMo recently launched a Disney-branded smartphone with a Fingerprint Cards swipe sensor embedded on the back. As Carlström notes, this is the first official launch with an FPC sensor.

Just yesterday, Fingerprint Cards announced another major design win from Asia. This time, it’s from a major Tier 2 smartphone manufacturer, for its swipe sensor technology. This order is for another Android smartphone and the device is set to be launched in the end of 2013.


Source: BiometricUpdate

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