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Ear-canal Headphones Glow in Darkness

Posted August 27, 2013

Imation Corp Japan will release ear-canal headphones equipped with a luminous code that glows after being charged with light Sept 2, 2013.

The headphones, “CLEF-BEAM (TH-BEC200),” will be supplied under the brand of “TDK Life on Record.” There is no manufacturer’s suggested retail price.

Imation employed a luminous code that absorbs light in bright light and emits it in darkness.

“We want to offer extra fun to music listening with an unprecedentedly unique design,” the company said.

The amount of phosphorescence decreases to about 13% about 10 minutes after it reaches saturation. Then, the code continues to glow for about five hours.

Imation Corp Japan is the Japanese arm of Imation Corp, which runs businesses in more than 100 countries. Imation Corp was spun off from 3M Company in 1996. It deals with products related to data storage and information security. Specifically, it sells hybrid storage products, audio products and accessories.


Source: TechOn

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