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Human Recognition Systems implements biometric attendance management

Posted August 20, 2013


Human Recognition Systems has just implemented its mobile student attendance management system for the higher education division of UK training provider, QA.

Specifically, Human Recognition Systems’ MVerify platform and its Tribal SITS:Vision Student Information System will be used to monitor student attendance during teaching sessions.

According to the company, this also ensures compliance with Home Office Tier 4 obligations.

“MVerify provides a versatile identity verification solution to institutions where the cost of failing to properly manage identity can be significant,” Neil Norman, Founder and Managing Director, New Markets at Human Recognition Systems said. “Within the education sector, failure to effectively monitor the attendance of Tier 4 students can lead to a significant administrative overhead and even a reduction in the number of Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) an institution can assign. There is also a risk the institution will have their sponsorship licence for international students revoked. The resulting impact is a large loss in revenue and reputation, particularly if there is a large intake of international students.”

Reported previously, the company recently completed a significant deployment of a facial recognition system at the Edinburgh Airport. This system uses passive facial recognition technology to track and measure the flow of people, and is intended to help reduce wait times and bottlenecks in the airport.



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