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Fingerprint Cards recruits Jan Johannesson as new VP, strategic planning and portfolio management

Posted August 13, 2013


Fingerprint Cards has announced that it has appointed Jan Johannesson as Vice President, strategic planning and portfolio management.

According to the company, Johannesson has previously held positions in Ericsson Mobile Platforms and he has also worked with Northstream AB, a management consulting firm for the mobile industry. Johannesson will work from the company’s soon-to-be-opened office in Lund, Sweden.

“Jan brings unique skills in understanding the complete value chain in the mobile phone industry and translating this knowledge into tools for making the right business decisions,” Jӧrgen Lantto, Executive Vice President, CTO and Head of Strategy and Product Management at FPC said. “I am looking forward to be able to take advantage of Jan’s great analytical skills when preparing our strategic planning. This will help us realizing our ambitious growth plans.”

Reported previously, Fingerprint Cards recently released its interim report for the period of January-June 2013, and despite some recently-lowered expectations, the company’s second quarter was declared its best yet. 

“I am excited to join FPC that is leading the next major growth vehicle in mobile devices. I am looking forward to contributing to FPC meeting its aggressive business objectives in the years to come,” Johannesson said.



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