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MorphoTrak launches mobile gateway for RISC, AFIS interfacing

Posted August 9, 2013

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MorphoTrak USA has just launched the Morpho Mobile Gateway, which allows multiple mobile biometric devices to interface with the FBI’s Repository for Individuals of Special Concern, as well as any AFIS regardless of the vendor.

This is really revolutionary, that our small handheld MorphoIDents can now be used by any agency, from almost any location in the U.S. to access a vast array of criminal identities in multiple AFIS systems, including the national FBI RISC database containing high priority criminals,” Daniel Vassy, President and CEO of MorphoTrak said. “We’ve already seen numerous examples of roadside traffic stops in which our MorphoIDent with the Gateway have refuted false identity information and helped get some of these worst RISC offenders identified and behind bars.”

Specifically, the gateway creates a bridge between Morpho handheld identification devices and one or multiple federal, state or local AFIS. Now, says the company, Morpho devices in the field can simultaneously search and receive results from multiple AFIS sources.

The Arizona Department of Public Safety is already using the system and according to representative Michele Johnson, “the Mobile Gateway paired with the MorphoIDent mobile fingerprint device has already had many successes, leading to arrests of dangerous criminals with warrants for their arrest in the state system or the FBI RISC database.”

Reported previously, MorphoTrak recently announced that the FBI’s Next Generation Identification system includes its biometric technology.

According to the company, Lockheed Martin, the FBI’s NGI integrator, incorporated Morpho’s latest algorithms to process and match latent finger and palm prints, including, for the first time ever, all the friction ridge areas of the hand. New MorphoTrak-supplied expert latent workstation software was enhanced and customized based on collaboration with Lockheed Martin and the FBI.


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