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AZ Police Department tops up order of MorphoTrak mobile fingerprint capture devices

Posted August 9, 2013


The Mesa, Arizona Police Department have purchased an addition 30 MorphoIDent mobile fingerprint capture devices from MorphoTrak, following an initial pilot deployment in 2012.

Last year, the department purchased only 6 of the units for its patrol cars, though following their successful use, the department has now topped up its order.

“Adding more MorphoIDents makes sense,” Bill Kalaf, Executive Director – Intelligence-Led Policing at the Mesa PD said. “They now have enough MorphoIDent devices to cover all three of their daily patrol shifts in all four of their geographical districts, 7 days a week. MorphoIDent is a great tool for us, and functions as a force-multiplier.”

MorphoIDent is a handheld device for capturing fingerprints, which allows police to make database searches in the field and identify criminals wanted in other states or listed in the FBI’s RISC database.

The national RISC database includes approximately 2 million records of wanted persons, sex offender registry subjects as well as known or suspected terrorists.

Reported previously, MorphoTrak recently launched the Morpho Mobile Gateway, which allows multiple mobile devices – including the MorphoIDent – to interface with the RISC database, as well as any AFIS, regardless of the vendor. The Arizona Department of Public Safety is currently using the system. 

MorphoTrak has also recently announced that the FBI’s Next Generation Identification system includes its biometric technology. 



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