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Argus launches multi-modal biometric kiosk

Posted August 9, 2013


Argus Global recently launched its ‘Smart Kiosk,’ a new self-contained unit which uses biometrics to verify users.

According to the company, the customizable solution is intended to be flexible in terms of its uses and can be integrated with an iris camera, a fingerprint sensor, face or voice biometrics, or any combination of these modalities.

In terms of its possible uses, Argus lists many, including at entertainment venues, retail settings, membership clubs or hospitals. The machine can be configured for a number of potential uses.

Automation is a big focus in the biometrics space, and many are hopping to self-service options using biometric systems. Reported previouslyMorphoTrust USA, along with the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security have introduced drivers’ license kiosks across the state which leverage facial recognition to verify cardholders looking to renew. 

According to MorphoTrust’s CEO Bob Eckel, Tennessee isn’t the first and a number of other states have already implemented biometric self-service options.

Also, Slabb, Inc has recently partnered with Marquis Software and Topaz, to provide biometric self-service kiosks to the State of Arkansas, Department of Community Correction for convicts who need to check in under probationary terms.



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