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Advanced Technology Service launches new biometric “ultra secure” ID card

Posted August 9, 2013


A new startup has emerged called Advanced Technology Service that aims to disrupt the ID card security space with its new biometric cards.

The startup, based in Arizona and Florida is boasting its new product, called SpanCard Ultra Secure, which is a plastic identity card containing personal information and biometrics embedded in a barcode.

“The next generation of identification security has arrived. SpanCard Ultra Secure has been designed using several completely different aspects of card security heretofore never used. Our proprietary software blends certain personal ID data with biometric data, and the result is a barcode on a card,” Sr. developer and programmer Larry Smith said.  “Reverse engineering of the barcode is impossible since the number of possible incorrect results is in multiple of trillions of combinations and even then proprietary software would still be required. As for reverse engineering the software, any attempts to do so will simply cause the software to self-destruct.”

According to the company, the SpanCard Ultra Secure is still in its final stages of development and late 2013 is its target roll-out date.

“Our program’s use spans so many different industries that we had to call it SpanCard. It can be used as a standalone ID card or incorporated with any bank debit or credit card,” co-founder Chris Spangler said.

According to a recently-published report, the overall electronic access control systems market has recovered post recessions and is showing promising growth, owed largely to renewed interest in card-based security projects. The overall market is set to reach $16.3 billion by 2017, growing at a CAGR of 7%. 



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