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Russian border guards will be arming with new hybrid ‘ekranoplanes’

Posted August 5, 2013

The border guard service of Russia will adopt a new wing-in-ground-effect (WIG) hybrid plane with the name “Sterh 10” (“Стерх-10”, direct translation to English: “Siberian Crane”). Currently this vehicle is under development in the russian company “Orion”. ekranoplane The project is funded by the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, informs website In early 2012 the reports have emerged, that the Russian Border Guard Service intends to create a industrial center for the construction of WIG in city of Petrozavodsk .

Former shipyard will serve as a basis for such production complex. Regional government of Yakutia (Russia) also plans to obtain these machines for use in the Arctic climate conditions. A prototype of the new WIG is currently in preparation for launch and for the first flight. Both events are scheduled for early August 2013. Weight of the new machine, capable of carrying up to 20 people, is ten tons.

“Sterh 10” can fly at a height of six meters, but the most effective regimen is flying at an altitude of 0.8 to 1.5 meters. At this altitude, the wing-in-ground effect is maximal. During flights, the pressure of air above the surface of water or land increases the lift power of the wing several times. WIG planes are 2-3 times more economical compared to traditional aircraft, and almost 10 times faster compared to traditional ships.

The new vehicle, capable of speeds up to 250 kilometers per hour, is developed on the basis of the other plane in its class ─ ЭК-12П “Иволга.” This plane has also been developed by the same company “Orion”. Vehicle will be able to land on water, fly over the ice, snow and ice ridges. According to the technical specification, “Sterh 10” should replace the outdated passenger aircraft An-24 and An-28 in 2015.

Source:, story by Alius Noreika

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