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White House honors Ginsparg for arXiv

Posted June 20, 2013

The White House will honor Cornell’s Paul Ginsparg as a Champion of Change June 20. Ginsparg, professor of physics and of information science, is one of 13 people who promote and use open scientific data and publications to accelerate progress.

Paul Ginsparg


Ginsparg created the Internet e-Print Archive, familiarly known as the arXiv, where researchers share their research papers online prior to publication in professional journals. arXiv, now based at Cornell, serves as the primary daily information feed for global communities of researchers in physics, mathematics, computer science and related fields. It has “leveled the playing field” by making research results available to scientists whose institutions may not subscribe to expensive journals, including many in third-world countries. arXiv supports hundreds of millions of full-text downloads per year by researchers and the general public.

Open sharing of research results is a proven strategy for driving positive change, White House officials said. For example, the rapid and open sharing of genomic data from the Human Genome Project revolutionized biomedical research and spurred major growth in the biotechnology industry. As part of a campaign for “open science,” the Obama administration has directed the National Science Foundation, the National Institutes of Health and other agencies that provide research funding to require that those receiving their funding make their results and the data they collect freely available to other scientists.

Arguing that “the best ideas come from the American people,” each week the Champions of Change program highlights individuals, businesses and organizations whose extraordinary stories and accomplishments positively impact communities.

Source: Cornell University

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