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Antibody search CiteAb lists its 1 millionth antibody

Posted June 5, 2013

CiteAb, the world’s largest independent citation-ranked antibody search engine, has today announced that it now lists 1 million antibodies. The company, which has been supported by seed funding from the University of Bath, has quickly grown in popularity as a tool for researchers, attracting over 16,000 users since it launched in March 2013.

The 1 millionth antibody was Biorbyt’s PEBP4 antibody. This antibody has two citations listed on CiteAb, in which it has been validated for use in western blot analysis of human tissue.

The site now gives researchers access to antibodies from over 60 companies worldwide, rated by their citations in over 100,000 research papers.

CiteAb was developed by Bath researcher Dr Andrew Chalmers, in collaboration with Bath-graduate run web software development company Storm Consultancy, in response to a need among the research community for a fully independent antibody rating service.

Dr Andrew Chalmers, from the Department of Biology and Biochemistry, said: “As a researcher, I buy antibodies and wanted to know that those I ordered would work. I couldn’t find a completely unbiased tool, other antibody search engines allowed companies to pay to be top listed.

“The core ethos of CiteAb is that we are completely impartial – we list antibodies according to citations, so the only way an antibody can move up the ratings is to be used successfully in research and be cited by other researchers.”

CiteAb can be visited at For news and discussion, as well as an opportunity to benefit from periodic offers, see the blog, follow on Twitter at @CiteAb, or find CiteAb on LinkedInGoogle+ and Facebook.

Researchers using antibodies are encouraged to upload their publications to CiteAb – giving them greater visibility and improving their chances of being cited, while also helping other researchers using CiteAb to find good quality antibodies.

Andrew said: “CiteAb is fast becoming the go-to place for antibody search and we try to react quickly to any feedback from users so that we can continually improve the site. Therefore, any ideas will be received with thanks and we’d be glad to have a chat with interested parties.”

Source: University of Bath

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