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The robot is complete – arms and hands for TORO, the walking machine

Posted March 27, 2013
TORO robot

TORO robot

It began in the summer of 2009, with two legs and a camera mounted on top – but it was still far from being a robot of humanoid appearance. Gradually, the TOrque controlled humanoid RObot (TORO), the German Aerospace Center’s (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt; DLR) walking machine, has become more human-like – an upper body, a head with camera eyes and arms have been added.TORO is now complete, with forearms and hands with sensors and flexible joints that allow it to respond to its environment with exceptional sensitivity. TORO must now learn, step by step, how to perform simple human actions – climbing stairs or opening doors, for example. “Now that the robotic body is complete, we can test processes where the robot carries out sequences of movements with foresight and fluency,” explains Project Manager Christian Ott.

Walking with sentience

Being a walking machine, there is one thing that TORO can, of course, do well – walk. The robot smoothly sets one foot down after the other and moves forwards in small steps. Although the speed is not great, with every step TORO detects the forces at work via sensors in its feet. Torque sensors in the joints ensure that the robot reacts flexibly to its environment. When the walking machine is standing still, it can compensate for impacts against its legs. TORO even manages to do this on a tilt board. “We are working on making it function even better when walking,” says Ott. TORO does this with remarkably small feet. This is a difficult obstacle that the scientists have chosen for themselves. “On the one hand, we wanted to make it more difficult by using a small footprint, but on the other, it enables the robot to climb over obstacles more easily.” The inclusion of an upper body and arms has added another challenge.

Read more at: DLR


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