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Building Up Network Security with Rebasoft’s Threat Auditor

Posted March 26, 2013

logo[1]Reading, England. March 25th, 2013

Rebasoft announced the latest addition to their security solutions range today with the launch of Threat Auditor, enabling organisations to take further steps to improve their network security. Building on the capabilities of Security Auditor, Threat Auditor’s unique ability is to take information from multiple, disparate systems and link that information together and then automatically make decisions.

Most organisations employ a number of security controls but are unable to make them work effectively together without significant manual effort.  By cross referencing what Security Auditor has discovered with data held in systems such as asset databases, active directory and more Threat Auditor is able to eradicate this manual effort, reducing errors and eliminating the security gaps than can often result.

By setting their own individual policies, organisations can dictate what action is taken and when, against the threats uncovered. Working with these specified policies, Threat Auditor can:

  • Identify potential data leakage
  • Identify and manage rogue devices and remove them from the network if necessary
  • Ensure relevant devices have sufficient security controls in place or even automatically remove non-compliant devices from the network
  • Identify unusual traffic patterns or device behaviour that might indicate a hacking attempt
  • Track who is accessing approved or secure applications
  • Improve NAC (Network Access Control) deployments by helping manage static and non-participating end-devices such as printers and card readers

This activity all occurs in a continual, automated monitoring process enabling Threat Auditor to discover and classify new threats in real-time, and pick up any changes to the infrastructure such as; new switches or routers, unauthorised network changes and end-devices accessing unauthorised areas.

“We have been working with several large and influential organisations to develop Threat Auditor including Tata Steel who have been Beta testing it on their existing Rebasoft, world-wide deployment, so I’m delighted to be able to launch it on the open market. Combining the findings of Security Auditor with other corporate data sources makes Threat Auditor an incredibly powerful tool and we know that other organisations will benefit from its capabilities” said Philip Harragan, Chief Executive Officer at Rebasoft.

Threat Auditor is immediately available through Rebasoft’s worldwide partners. For more information visit Rebasoft’s website

About Rebasoft

Rebasoft delivers next-generation software to enable network and security operations to become more effective. Our company was built by network and security engineers who not only know how to run and secure networks, but also see the limitations in today’s systems that many of our clients use. We continuously develop our products based on best practice and customer need. We deliver out-of-the-box functionality that delivers real benefits. Fast.

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