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Nanomedicine could improve chemotherapy delivery

Posted November 20, 2012

A new nanoparticle may improve the effectiveness of chemotherapy for children with neuroblastoma.

The non-toxic nanoparticle delivers nitric oxide to specific cancer cells.

The encapsulation of S-nitrosoglutathione into polymeric nanoparticles substantially improves NO stability in aqueous media without affecting the efficacy of intracellular delivery. The combination of nano-NO delivery and chemotherapy has been found to enhance antitumour activity of chemotherapeutics, as demonstrated using preliminary in vitro experiments with neuroblastoma cells.

Researchers found neuroblastoma cells treated with the nanoparticle needed only one-fifth the dose of chemotherapy, meaning fewer detrimental side effects to surrounding healthy cells.

The next step is to test the nanoparticle on other cell lines, such as lung and colon cancer cells, and to proceed to in vivo tests.

Read more at University of New South Wales, via The Conversation

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