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Two Kinects are enough to track the movement of your fingertips (Video)

Posted October 9, 2012
Finger tracking motion controller

Finger tracking motion controller works by employing two Kinect sensors and proprietary SDK

Playing video games using motion sensitive controllers in such systems as “Xbox Kinect” or “Nintendo Wii” can be really immersing experience. Certainly the underlying technology is significantly different and the main advantage of Kinect is that you do not have to hold any kind of gear in your hand, because sensor itself is capable of tracking user movements- such as lifting hand or entire body movement. But did you know that this hardware is basically enough to track even the tips of your fingers?

It is quite easy to guess the implications of such functionality in future gaming systems, although there isn’t too many facts hinting that “Microsoft” could employ advanced movement tracking in future “Xbox Kinect” systems, at least in the upcoming year.

Finger tracking: basic setup of the dual-Kinect system

Finger tracking: basic setup of the dual-Kinect system

The company behind this invention “3Gear Systems” says that the basic hardware isn’t “too expensive” and any user willing to test it can get all the required components for approximately 330 USD. The first thing – you will need two Kinects, then a frame and mounts to attach sensors to it. All the software tools – software development kit (SDK) can be downloaded from the company’s website at no cost (link here), at least until the end of beta testing phase.

Those who are interested in how Kinect-based hand/finger tracking technology works have a look at this video:

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