CT scan of Earth links deep mantle plumes with volcanic hotspots

2 days ago

University of California, Berkeley, seismologists have produced for the first time a sharp, three-dimensional scan of Earth’s interior…
Scientists Discover Mechanism Behind “Strange” Earthquakes

2 days ago

It’s not a huge mystery why Los Angeles experiences earthquakes. The city sits near a boundary between two…
Researchers model tsunami hazards on the Northwest coast

August 18, 2015

Recent press and social media coverage have reminded residents of the Pacific Northwest that they live in a…
Documents that Changed the World: Charles Richter’s seismic scale, 1935

August 15, 2015

A scale of simple numbers unnerves us when we think about earthquakes, as Pacific Northwest residents have been…
South American example illustrates Rocky Mountain formation

August 13, 2015

New work from an international team of researchers including Carnegie’s Lara Wagner improves our understanding of the geological…
A better view of the Rockies, thanks to a geological feature in Peru

August 13, 2015

Scientists are getting an unprecedented look at a geological process in South America that mirrors the formation of…
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