Bike That Features a Built-in Computer

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Posted January 9, 2017

The SpeedX launched a another crowdfunding campaign for the bike called Unicorn that has its own SpeedForce stem/computer. The Android-powered device has been redesigned to be removable. It can be taken off for battery-charging, with one charge lasting for 20 hours of run time.  The bike features a 2.2-inch thickened-glass touchscreen, and connectivity with third-party devices via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and ANT+. It has loads of sensors to track metrics and can provide navigation using an onboard GPS  module. The computer is linked with a power meter built into the bike’s bottom bracket, to provide real-time power output readings. All of the required wiring is internally routed through the bike’s carbon fiber frame.

A damper in the front/bottom of the seat tube allows it to flex by 15 mm forward and backward, absorbing road vibrations. The frame itself weighs a 870 g, and a complete bike – a 7.6 kg. It can be seen in action, in the following video.

Source: KickStarter

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