Chrysler Portal concept – family car for those who are still too young to have families

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Posted January 6, 2017

Millennials like technology, saving money and protecting the environment. But what car would they like to drive when they have a family? Chrysler wanted to create just a perfect car for the future of millennials and thus allowed them to participate in the creative process. The result is a Chrysler Portal concept, which is environmentally friendly, flexible and connected to social media.

LED lighting is one of the main features of the exterior. Image credit:

FCA US has been studying millennials for some time to find out about their needs and found that they want a car, which reflects their personality, offers value and flexibility, integrates advanced technology and is socially responsible. And that is how the Chrysler Portal concept came to be. It was designed from inside out, because interior was considered more important. Interior design is soft, clean and flexible. Seats are thin and fold flat, slide to different directions and can be removed in order to make the car carry more cargo. And, of course, there are many screens and docking stations for smart devices.

The design of the exterior is focused around what FCA calls a Portal door. It means that front doors slide forwards and rear doors to the opposite direction to reveal the interior. There are LED lights as well, which act as a strong design element of the car rather than just an additional accent. LED lighting on the front, side portals and rear can change colour as well as show some animations. It is all meant to express the personality of the driver.

The interior of the Chrysler Portal features a clean and simple design and very flexible seating system. Image credit:

Chrysler Portal is electric as one would expect. It helps saving the environment as well as making the interior more spacious. The 100 kWh battery is hidden underneath the floor of the car and feeds its power to a single electric motor driving the front wheels. It is estimated that Portal could do around 250 miles (around 400 km) per charge. Car is also capable of semi-autonomous operation made possible by a number of sensors, situated around the car. Chrysler Portal autonomous technology could even be improved if the driver desires so.

Of course, the main party trick of the Chrysler Portal is its connectedness to social networks. Passengers can share their music and images instantly, while there is also facial recognition technology and seamless integration of personal devices, such as phones, tablets, cameras and wearables into car’s infotainment system.

Portal doors slide to opposite directions to create a large opening to the inside of the vehicle. Image credit:

Of course, Chrysler Portal is just a design study. However, it does give us an idea what car millennials would like to have. It may not be pretty, but it sure is smart.


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