CyanogenMod Installer removed from Google Play Store

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Posted December 4, 2013

CyanogenMod Inc. recently published an app on Google Play Store which assists users in installing custom ROMs on their phones using Windows PCs. Today Google asked the CM team to voluntarily remove the app from the store or they would be forced to remove it administratively. CM team chose to remove the app voluntarily.

According to CyanogenMod Google initially said that the app was in violation of Google’s Play’s developer terms. When the CM team reached out to the Play team they found that “though application itself is harmless, and not actually in violation of their Terms of Service, since it ‘encourages users to void their warranty’, it would not be allowed to remain in the store.”

Not a deal breaker
It’s not a deal breaker as Google allows people to install 3rd party apps by enabling ‘unknown sources’ option. Either way given the nature of the app – rooting your phone and installing custom ROM is not something momma and pappas would like to do – they would definitely won’t want to end up with a phone with warranty void.

The team is submitting the app to Amazon’s app store and Samsung apps store. It will be interesting to see whether it will be approved by these two players.

Users can still download the CyanogenMod Installer app from this link and install on their devices manually.

Source: Muktware

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