Nexus 5 will soon get an update to fix camera issues; Google to release camera API

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Posted December 3, 2013

As an owner of Nexus 4, Samsung Galaxy S4, a DSLR and now Nexus 5 I can clearly say that the camera of Nexus 5 leaves a lot to be desired. I never bother to take picture of my kid with Nexus 5 as I know that it’s going to be blurry.

Google is aware of the problem and they are already working on a fix. Google spokesperson Gina Scigliano told CNet, “the team is aware of the issues and is working on a software update that will be available shortly.”

Outside of this particular problem with Nexus 5, cameras on stock Android devices are quite limited in terms of features. Samsung Galaxy S4 camera has so many awesome features that my wife did not mind me keeping Nexus 5 and giving her my brand new S4. I can easily take pictures from my S4 by saying ‘capture’ or ‘smile’ but none of these features are available on Nexus device – even through 3rd party apps – which are quite limited in what they can offer. The reason is that 3rd party developers don’t have access to a lot of camera functionality.

The good news is that Google is changing all that. The company is set to release new Camera API (application programming interface) which will give developers access to core features which are already built into Android’s hardware abstraction layer (HAL).

The API will enabled developers in taking advantage of RAW formats, burst mode, face detection and many other functionality which are found in devices by partners like Samsung, Motorola et al as they do have access to these and they offer more polished camera experience – something 3rd party developers can’t do till now.

The Google spokesperson has said that the APIs will be released soon.

Source: Muktware

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