Designer suggested turning smartphone into a construction set

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Posted on September 12, 2013

pic_d4dc9b5424ddfe1d56243cedecf04cdaDutch designer Dave Hakkens proposed an idea of ​​a smartphone which consists of modules similar to the blocks of a toy construction set. The device, called Phonebloks, is described in a video, which was posted by Hakkens on YouTube.

Each component of the phone – such as the screen, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, antenna, battery, camera, or gyroscope – is enclosed in a separate module. The modules are connected to a common circuit board – the “base.”

According to the designer, the modular design makes it easy to replace the failed component. Also, it allows users to create a phone to fit their needs, and, finally, the upgrade is much more simple.

Hakkens suggested that the replacement units may be produced by different companies. Each of them can produce components corresponding to their specialization. The joint efforts of the companies will result in “the best phone in the world.”

Hakkens project is still in the concept phase. The designer urged people to express support for the unit on the Phonebloks site.

Votes for the phone will be collected until October 29. After this date Hakkens will announce how many people were interested in the project, and will report about their plans for the future.

A similar project has been introduced in 2007 by an Israeli company called modu. They offered a tiny cell phone with special covers for extended functionality.

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